Fluid Hair Dye (Semi-Permanent) Chili 75 ml


Recommended for people who are intolerant to the usual peroxide hair dyes and for all those who wish to brighten up and intensify their natural/artificial colour. It delicately covers white hair with great ease, leaving it soft, velvety and shiny and with added body and strength. It also restores and protects the scalp. The following have NOT been used in this formula: PARAPHENYLENEDIAMINE, RESORCINOL, AMMONIA, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, PARABENS.
The procedure followed in the creation of the product uses active ingredients of plant origin, such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile extracts, Millet and Hennè.

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Instructions for use: shake bottle well before use; apply directly onto ready-washed hair (using the “L’albero del Colore” Nutritious Shampoo) that has been first towel-dried and then thoroughly dried, making sure that the whole head of hair is saturated with the product; cover with hat and leave for 40 minutes or more; massage the scalp, add some lukewarm water and continue to massage until you get a soft lather; rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Do not wash again. Dry hair and style as wished.