Monoi de Tahiti

It is a source for numerous solutions directed at the treatment and beauty of the whole body.

It is excellent for moisturizing, protecting and nourishing the skin deep down. In fact, it acts as a true and proper barrier and helps skin to remain elastic, soft and fragrant even in hot weather.

In addition, the Monoi de Tahiti, even though it does not have screening properties against UV Rays, performs as an effective restorer in that it minimizes the irritating effects of the sun and, for this reason, it can be used
by those individuals who seek an intelligent intensifying solution for their sun tans.

While for hair, it has excellent polishing and conditioning properties for dry hair that has been damaged by the sun, by atmospheric and environmental aggressive agents, or by dyes and other treatments.


  • naturalness: natural active ingredients, not tested on animals, exclusive and characterized by centuries of history.
  • guarantee: certified and guaranteed raw materials, of absolute quality, with guaranteed cosmetic properties.
  • compliance: by choosing Monoi means that you also choose Tahiti and its dream.

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Showing 1–4 of 5 results