Scalp & hair: anti hair loss

Specific and complete trichological treatments against hair loss.


The products of the blue “Scalp & Hair” line are based on the action of natural active ingredients of most recent conception. They are capable of inhibiting the 5-alfa-reducing enzyme and therefore manage to block the androgen receptors in the follicles and stimulate hair growth.

The cleansing action used in the blue “Scalp & Hair” line is one of the most delicate you could wish for. Instead of the usual and much talked-about SLS and SLES, tension-actives of natural origin are used. These are obtained from fatty acids and glucose and are known as alchilpolyglucoside (APG).

The APG belong to the non-ionic class of tension-actives and they are obtained from raw materials taken from renewable sources; another important characteristic is their good eco-toxicological profile.

As opposed to other tension-actives (the SLES), the APG show only a negligible aggression to skin and mucous.

The extract derived from Serenoa Repens (dwarf palm tree of the Atlantic coast) has a strong anti-androgenic action capable of blocking the 5-alfa-reducing enzyme and the receptors of steroid hormones.

The most active component contained in the extract of this plant is the beta-sitosterine, a sterol whose action on androgenic baldness has been compared with that of finasteride.

  • The Fatty Acids (Gamma Linoleic, Alpha Linoleic, Azelaic, Linoleic, Oleic) belong to unsaturated fatty acid family and besides having various therapeutic strengths they are able to regulate, in their free form, the action of androgenic hormones and inhibit the 5-alfa-reducing enzyme.
  • The Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridossal, pyridoxamine) is capable of diminishing the action of steroid hormones by attaching themselves to their receptors.
  • Zinc acts in synergy with the vitamin B6 and the Azelaic acid as an inhibitor of the 5-alfa-reducing enzyme.
  • The Proanthocyanidine are flavonoid-type plant substances with high anti-oxidant power, capable of inhibiting the action of steroid hormones
  • Laminaran is an extract of vegetable origin and it performs a dermo-balancing action on the scalp by controlling the excess of sebum and inhibiting the 5-alfa-reducing enzyme.

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