Argan Oil

In the south-west of Marocco between Agadir and Marrakech lies Taroudant, a charming fortified town with battlements which was once the ancient capital of Sous.

Among the stretches of olive, almond, eucalyptus and tamarind trees there is also a plant which is unknown in Europe: this is the Argan (Argania sideroxylon Roem.).

Its inheritance comes from the ancient tropical climate of the region and it grows spontaneously in this area of Marocco.

Its fruit, similar to an olive, is of a pale orange colour and the pulp is highly nutritious. Its stone is dried and then cold-pressed to extract a much prized oil with precious cosmetic qualities.

Argan oil is used for its emollient, moisturizing and elasticity enhancing properties. It stimulates cell renewal and it is used in massages to relax stiff muscles. The beneficial properties of this precious oil has been known for thousands of years.

The Berber women have always used it for the beauty of their bodies and hair, and in so doing have slowed down the usual signs of ageing.

Science also has recently officially acknowledged the excellent anti-oxidant properties of Argan oil, and it is being used more and more frequently in anti-ageing cosmetic formulae: 100 kg of stones are needed to obtain a litre of Argan oil.

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