Permanent Hair Dye Juniper 60+60 ml


Colouring, permanent and easy to apply. Its exclusive formula, without Paraphenylenediamine, Resorcinol, Ammonia, Parabens and Allergens in the Fragrance make it an innovative Colouring which respects the principles of Nature. It is the ideal solution for covering white hair.  The range of shades can lighten or darken your hair, bringing new life to it with a colouring that is harmonious, natural, luminous and permanent.

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Instructions for use: apply the Permanent Colouring to dry and well-brushed hair. Squeeze the cream colouring out of the tube into the bottle of Developer Milk and shake the product well so as to obtain a well-blended mixture. Remove the tab by moving it backwards and forwards, apply directly on hair starting from the whitest areas and then spreading evenly all over, making sure
that the whole head of hair is saturated. Leave for 35/40 minutes.
At the end of the setting time, put on the gloves supplied, gently massage hair with slow circular movements, add a few drops of lukewarm water, and continue to work in gently until you get a soft lather. Then, rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.
Wash and condition using the ‘L’albero del Colore’ shampoo and cream conditioner supplied. Set and style hair as usual.
Contents of box: tube of cream hair colouring, bottle of developer milk, nourishing shampoo, cream conditioner, disposable gloves and instruction leaflet.