Hair Mascara Chocolate 10 ml


A temporary colour that is simple and fast, to cover regrowth in between colourings or for small areas of grey or white hair.
It is the ideal solution for last-minute commitments (an appointment, an evening out, a job interview…), which enables us to be beautiful and presentable at any given time.
Easy, ready-to-use:
  • covers regrowth effectively and accurately;
  • ideal for all hair types;
  • perfect for sideburns, moustaches, beards;
  • can be used daily or at any time;
  • handy box can be taken with you anywhere;
  • non-dripping;
  • non-soiling;
  • removed with the next hair wash.

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Instructions for use: shake the product before using. Pass the swab through the hair to be
coloured using the necessary quantity, leave to dry for a few minutes and it’s done! (a quick go
with the hairdryer at low temperature will make it even quicker).